Counseling for Stress and Anxiety

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Counseling for Adults with Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can take over your life. You may find yourself constantly thinking about a recent situation or conversation. Maybe you have trouble sleeping because you keep thinking about your never ending to-do list or wondering if something will go wrong. You may find it hard to focus because you worry you might say or do the wrong thing. You might just feel really overwhelmed and unsure what to do.


Counseling can allow you to talk it all out to someone who understands that anxiety isn't something you can just forget about. Counseling for anxiety can help you learn new techniques to manage these stressful and anxious feelings or calm your body and mind down when feeling panicked. Through counseling sessions, you can find ways to have control over the worries racing through your mind, allowing you to focus your thoughts on what is helpful and keep you in the present.


During sessions, I will listen to your concerns and let you know you are not alone. We can work together to find solutions to your problems or find ways to help you cope with uncertainty and situations you cannot change. You don't have to manage your stress or anxiety all on your own.

Contact me now to get started with counseling so you can learn ways to manage your stress and anxiety so  that you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you've imagined - Henry David Thoreau .


Counseling for Kids and Teens With Anxiety

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Adults may remember childhood as fun and care-free, however kids and teens can get really stressed out too. Kids have a lot to do everyday as they manage their school work, homework, following rules, getting along with peers, and being involved in sports or other after school activities. If something stressful or traumatic happened to your child, they may not know how to adjust afterwards. A lot of times your child may be anxious but you do not realize it because it looks like something else. While some kids, especially older teens, may be able to tell you they feel stressed or are worried about classes or a situation with friends, most kids just feel uncomfortable and don't know how to verbalize it.

Your son or daughter could be angry and explosive. They may also be withdrawn and have trouble fitting in. Some kids may tell you they have a headache or a stomach ache. They may have difficulties with their school work or focusing in the classroom. Underneath, your kid or teen may be worried and unsure. They don't know what to do or how to handle how they feel so they get upset and their anxiety comes out  as a tantrum, skipping class or disrupting it, failing grades, or trouble getting along with others.

As a parent, you may feel overwhelmed and like your son or daughter isn't the same anymore or is out of control. Through counseling sessions, your child can express themselves in ways they are most comfortable and learn how to be in control of their anxiety.

 I help children and teens express themselves through talking, music, art, games, or play - whatever works best for them. Individual counseling can help your child of any age practice ways to manage their stress and anxiety, work out solutions to problems, adjust to changes, build their sense of self, feel confident, and find strategies that help them feel calm.

My counseling approach is child-centered, so I focus on the individual needs of your child and what is important to them- no matter how they behave or communicate. I am here to help your child have space to be themselves so they can grow. I am not another adult telling them what to do, but am someone to guide them as they learn to handle difficult situations and uncertainty, and build their confidence. 

Contact me now to tell me more about your child's needs and anxiety so we can make sure we are a good fit. Contact me to get your child or teen started with counseling so they can combat stress and enjoy being a kid again.