Counseling with a Highly Sensitive Person

Therapy for HSP or SPS Children and Adults Provided Online for those in Missouri, Texas and Indiana (coming soon)

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Sensory Processing Sensitivity or Highly Sensitive Children and Adults

Challenges For A Highly Sensitive Person

Everyday is overwhelming. You wonder how others manage as no matter how early you get up to make a cup of coffee there is so much to do just to get your kids out the door for school. You can't listen to the news because it's so heartbreaking and the sadness and negativity stick in your emotions all day long. At work you find it hard to stay calm and centered as people are talking to loud or too much. You long for some peace and quiet.  

You wish it was easy, to spend time with friends, travel and have some fun but it takes so much energy. When you do catch a break you just want to sleep and give your senses rest.  You need more support at home or at work but you never feel like you can ask. Instead, you tell yourself you should be able to handle it all. People don't understand what it like to walk through life overloaded with emotions and sensations. 

How I Can Help

I am Jenna Wonish-Mottin and I empathize with Highly Sensitive People who feel overwhelmed in order to help them make sense of the chaos and gain a clearer picture of their priorities. Together we talk through your stressful situations and use your capabilities so that we can come up with practical steps to take to feel calmer and confident. With counseling, you can begin to use your perception to guide you towards your ideal life and live with tranquility.

 If you want to feel empowered to turn what seems overwhelming into something thriving and beautiful then contact me now to schedule a consultation call.


HSP/SPS Needs and Therapy Approach

What is the Highly Sensitive Person or Sensory Processing Sensitivity?

According to a leading researcher for HSP, Dr. Elaine Aron, High Sensitivity, or Sensory Processing Sensitivity is an innate temperament which allows people to be more aware of small differences in changes in their environment. It is a way of perceiving and processing information deeply. This allows for caution, consideration, and creativity, although it can also lead people to become over stimulated and react in a variety of ways of being overwhelmed. 


Sensitivity is a trait and not a mental health condition. High Sensitivity or Sensory Processing Sensitivity is a characteristic found in both animals and people of all ages. While it is a minority of the population, and about 20% of people may be this way, society is not centered on the needs of highly sensitive people. This can create some challenges that need adapting to or problem solving to overcome. It also presents a lot of unique strengths and talents that can be used in daily life and valued by society. 

Counseling Approaches for HSP/SPS

Recognizing HSP/SPS is important so that people do not feel bad for being different. Highly Sensitive Children can be encouraged in the best way for them to succeed and adults can adjust their environments and social network to function in the best way possible and use their strengths to their advantage. Counseling for highly sensitive adults and highly sensitive children can help clients with this trait recognize it and respond to the world based on their needs instead of trying to conform to a world that misunderstands them and may have criticized them.

Those who are Highly Sensitive are often able to notice changes in other people's emotions, tones, and other subtle differences. This can present challenges and benefits. Many times HSPs can be more sensitive to these things in conversations and must be careful how they interpret and react. Many HSPs find they can feel emotions more intensely and respond accordingly. This includes both enjoyable experiences like feeling happiness and beauty, as well as unpleasant experiences such as sadness or anger.  Counseling with Highly Sensitive People may include discussions on having boundaries with others, using assertive communication when needed, finding the best skills to help them regulate emotions, as well as identify and use their sensitivity strengths as much as possible. Counseling with Highly Sensitive Persons and Children will be tailored to accommodate for more sensory comfort, collaboration, and validation. As a Highly Sensitive Person myself, I can understand the strengths, challenges, and needs of my HSP clients. Contact me now to discuss how therapy with an HSP for HSPs can help you improve your life. Start by calling or emailing Calm Centered Counseling to set up a 15-minute phone consultation or the first therapy session.

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Excerpt from Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

"Among many characteristics that result from careful processing, the highly sensitive tend to be conscientious, creative, unusually aware of other's moods, more bothered by unpleasant stimuli, and have stronger affects, both positive and negative. One result is that they are more prone to depression, anxiety, and shyness if they have had a troubled childhood... Indeed with a good environment their outcomes can exceed that of others."