• Jenna Wonish-Mottin

Mindfulness and a Fresh Perspective

Mindfulness is one of my favorite tools and ways of life. Sometimes mindful means being careful, but it can also mean paying attention to your surroundings and what is going on around you. Sure, that can help you be cautious, and it can also help you be focused on the present and not anything that you are worrying about or regretting. What do you notice in your body and your mind?

Mindfulness is seeing things in a different way, a more focused way. You can use all of your senses to focus on the current moment. Do not judge it, but just notice. What colors do you see? What sounds do you hear? What does the air feel like on your face? What does the ground feel like on your feet? Are you comfortable? If not, that is okay. You are just noticing everything right now.

A great mindfulness exercise can start with looking at something ordinary and trying to see it with new eyes. Study an object like you have never seen it before and have to describe it to someone. Pick up something common, like a book you've been reading (or perhaps putting off reading). Look at the book like you are picking up a book for the first time (what joy that might be for some bookworms!) Examine the book all around. Notice the colors, textures, and size. Open the pages, does it have the old or new book smell? Listen to the rustle of the pages as you turn them and flip through. Notice the size and color of the ink or any pictures. Have you read this book before? Do you notice anything new?

When we focus on the present and study it with fresh eyes, we can gain a fresh perspective too. We can look at the world for how it is right now, and notice things that stand out to us now that we are paying attention to details. We might find new opportunities in our world that bring excitement. We might just spend a minute being present, setting down our stress we are carrying and not worrying about something in the past or the future. Instead you can just be mindful, enjoying the moment and finding happiness in the little things. It only takes a moment and that can allow you to find joy in every day, leading to a reduction in stress and improving feelings of depression or anxiety.

Mindfulness is something you can practice on your own, although it can also be used as a tool within therapy to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, and more. If you or your child are having a hard time and need help managing your stress, depression, anxiety, or being an HSP, contact me now to get started with online counseling so you or your child can feel calm and confident through practicing mindfulness, coping skills, and self-growth through therapy.

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