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Counseling for Depression

Online Therapy for Adults, Kids, and Teens

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Counseling for Adults  Experiencing   Depression

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People who have depression may feel sad most of the time. They may also feel frustrated, numb, inadequate, and alone. They might struggle with work, sometimes unable to complete tasks or be sociable in the office. They may struggle in relationships, often feeling unheard or not good enough. It might be hard to get out of bed and enjoy anything about your day, even things that used to be fun. It may be difficult to feel good about yourself and like you can't accomplish anything. Therapy for depression can help when you are feeling down, overwhelmed, and hopeless. 

My therapy sessions are supportive and a place for you to be yourself. Through the use of various psychotherapy techniques, I help clients make changes and develop new habits to help them cope with any of life’s obstacles and traumas that can increase feelings of depression and overwhelm. My therapy sessions are designed to explore personal situations in more detail and provide insight and understanding. I help clients come up with effective ways to view their life  with more purpose and see the world with a new filter full of opportunity.

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Counseling for Kids and Teens experiencing Depression

Child and Therapist

Kids and teens experience sadness and depression too. They may withdraw from others, stay in their room, cry often, get angry and explosive, or act out in other ways that may be calling for more attention. They may suffer with their school work or with their friends and peers. Sometimes kids with depression show the same symptoms as adults but often times it can look different.


Therapy with kids can be similar to working with adults although it can be very different, often times more hands on. Therapy with kids and teens may involve talking, and other times it may involve different forms of expression, such as drawing, art, play, or music. Therapy with kids can be more experiential, even online, so it is recommended that parents have some items available to the child or teen to help engage them and allow them to communicate in a way that is most comfortable to them and their vocabulary level.

Sessions with children are still completed individually under most circumstances. However, parent check-ins are important. While what is discussed in the session with the child will not be disclosed to parents due to confidentiality, updates from parents are helpful and conversations about progress and changes to make at home are beneficial. Parents can be included in a variety of ways depending on the needs of each family. 

For more information on play therapy and sand tray, see my page on play therapy.

If you are ready to help your child or teen enjoy their childhood again with confidence, contact me now to set up a free 15 minute consultation call to get started with online counseling or virtual play therapy.