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How do you manage stress and anxiety... Relax your body first.

Updated: May 24


- Calm your body first, before you try to calm your mind. We often hold stress in our bodies. Try this easy breathing and muscle relaxation exercise to quickly let the stress and tension melt away.

Take slow, deep breathes. Imagine you are breathing out of a straw. Count to 5 as you breath in. Hold your breath for 5 second. Then breath out slowing for 5 seconds. Repeat as needed.

Notice your body. Where do you feel the stress and anxiety the most? Are you having physical symptoms of anxiety, such as sweating, hyperventilating, stomach aches, tense muscles, or a pounding, racing heart beat?

Close your eyes and release the tension in your muscles, focusing most on the areas you noticed held the most stress for you. Do you notice it most in your hands? Squeeze your fists tight for a few seconds. Then release those muscles and open your hands. Notice the tension leaving and relaxation setting in.

How do you feel now? Is your mind still racing with worry? Are you still thinking about those deadlines at work? Probably not now that you are focused on your breathing and your body. Your mind is now ready and able to focus on the big picture. You can begin to problem solve and communicate now that your body is no longer stress and in fight or flight mode. You can't be stressed and relaxed at the same time.

What other things do you like to do that help you relax or de-stress? Make sure to make time for healthy relaxation each day.

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